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4 Tips To Plan A Garage Conversion

  • 2 min read

If you are in need of extra living space, then converting a garage is certainly a tempting option. They are usually relatively straightforward and cause less disruption than building an extension, and you won’t have to sacrifice a portion of the garden. If the existing structure is reasonably sound, then it is also a very affordable option. Here are some points to consider.   Do… Read More »4 Tips To Plan A Garage Conversion

The Pros And Cons Of Garage Conversion

  • 2 min read

Over the past two years, many homeowners have suddenly needed an extra room in their home, either to serve as a home office, home gym or a sanctuary away from other family members who are working, learning and living from home. Whilst building dedicated extensions, conservatories, cabins or sheds is a definite option, one of the easiest ways to get more room is to take… Read More »The Pros And Cons Of Garage Conversion

How To Add Extra Room Without An Extension

  • 2 min read

With nearly two years of lockdowns and working from home, many people are still assessing their homes, looking for ways to maximise the available space. While there has been frantic activity in the housing market, not everyone is in a position to move, or simply want to improve the space they have already. But not everyone will have the external space or resources for the… Read More »How To Add Extra Room Without An Extension

Should You Move House Or Extend?

  • 2 min read

Many homeowners have been seeking more space during the lockdowns of the last year, as we all find ourselves confined to our homes. But, you may be facing two options – move to a larger house, or extend your current house. With can be costly and disruptive options, but each has its advantages. A new extension could help provide a stunning new kitchen for your… Read More »Should You Move House Or Extend?

How To Renovate Your Home Sustainably

  • 2 min read

Home improvements have proved hugely popular over the last two years as a result of the pandemic, with the various lockdowns providing us with the perfect opportunity to do some renovation work here and there. If you’re keen to move forward with other projects in the new year, investigating how to do so in a more sustainable manner would be very beneficial for the planet… Read More »How To Renovate Your Home Sustainably

Light Up Your Garden This Autumn

  • 3 min read

The nights are darker, and much colder than recently as winter approaches once more. But if you’d found a new appreciation of your patio during the lockdown, the turn in the weather doesn’t mean its usefulness has to come to an end, a fire pit can bring you the warmth you need, and the addition of clever outdoor lighting can help create a cosy atmosphere.… Read More »Light Up Your Garden This Autumn

How to Apply For Planning Permission

  • 2 min read

Planning permission is, for many house extensions in Milton Keynes, an important and required part of the building process. In essence, it is asking your local authority whether a certain building project is fine to proceed. In many cases, it is illegal to build certain types of house extension without planning permission, and whilst several common developments are fine if in doubt you should always… Read More »How to Apply For Planning Permission