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How To Add Extra Room Without An Extension

  • 2 min read

With nearly two years of lockdowns and working from home, many people are still assessing their homes, looking for ways to maximise the available space. While there has been frantic activity in the housing market, not everyone is in a position to move, or simply want to improve the space they have already.

But not everyone will have the external space or resources for the addition of an extension, even a simple side return kitchen extension. However, there are still ways to make use of the unused square footage that is hiding in your home.

Here are some ways to maximise the space in your home.


Lower the ceilings

If you cant extend outwards, then one option is to extend upwards with an attic conversion. However, headroom in the attics can present an issue in making it a useable space, but you can get around this by lowering the ceilings in the rooms below. This is only a viable option for rooms with high ceilings.


Remove the chimney

An open fire in winter can be glorious, but many homes will have boarded up fireplaces now that central heating has taken its place. But that boarded up chimney breast can use valuable flor space.

Knocking out the chimney can free up more space, allowing you to then reassess the layout in the room. Whats even better is that you may be able to sell the original bricks to an architectural salvage yard for about £1 each.


Convert the garage

If you have a garage, it might be used more for storage, a repository for old paint cans, garden furniture, and gardening equipment, most of which is neglected and forgotten about while the car lives in the drive.

A garage conversion can make better use of this space, giving you a whole new room for a home gym, office, spare room, workshop or more.

If youre looking for garage extensions in Milton Keynes, get in touch today.