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Light Up Your Garden This Autumn

  • 3 min read

The nights are darker, and much colder than recently as winter approaches once more. But if you’d found a new appreciation of your patio during the lockdown, the turn in the weather doesn’t mean its usefulness has to come to an end, a fire pit can bring you the warmth you need, and the addition of clever outdoor lighting can help create a cosy atmosphere.

It could be the perfect time to give your outdoor space a needed refresh and refurb before the weather gets too cold so you can ensure you can make good use of it all year round.

We have some handy tips on how to illuminate your patio and garden for the winter months.


  1. Solar-powered lighting

It may not be possible to provide electrical power to your garden without extensive re-wiring, or you might not want to be stringing cables thought your flower beds, or want to increase your utility bills. This is where solar-powered garden lighting can help.

There is a wide range of styles of solar-powered lighting option available, such as stake lights, illuminated stepping stones, and solar-powered string lights to drape along walls.

These lights use solar panels to charge up internal batteries during the daylight hours when then switch on the bulbs once the ambient light drops below a certain level, or you switch them on.

Depending on the type of lighting you define on, they may have an auto-on function or a manual switch. The best advice would be to look for lights that have gained good user reviews that have batteries that last for several hours.


  1. Plug and play lighting

Plugin and play lighting also mean you do not need to consider providing a power source to your patio or need an extension cable. These battery-systems can be installed by anyone, and once they are positioned where you’d like them, simply connect them to a battery.

You can find low voltage LED lights, and also brighter halogen bulbs on the market today to suit your particular needs. Plug and play systems are also available in wall lighting, deck lighting, string lighting and other styles.


  1. Garden Patio Lighting

Patio lighting is there to provide ample illumination all around your outdoor seating and dining area. You may want to simply sit in the garden or patio and enjoy a drink at the end of the day, or maybe enjoy al fresco dining once the sun begins to go down.

Patio lighting can be as simple as a couple of tiki torches, or as elegant as strings of lights suspended from posts over the patio area.

Ideally, you will want to look for lighting that is rated for all-weather resilience that can stay up all year round without suffering damage from the elements. Some styles may only be appropriate for good weather and need to be taken down during the winter months or rainy days.

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