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How to Apply For Planning Permission

  • 2 min read

Planning permission is, for many house extensions in Milton Keynes, an important and required part of the building process. In essence, it is asking your local authority whether a certain building project is fine to proceed.

In many cases, it is illegal to build certain types of house extension without planning permission, and whilst several common developments are fine if in doubt you should always work with a

Once you have begun planning your project and have an idea of how much it will cost (ideally with the help of a professional consultant, although it is not officially required), the first step is a request for advice from the local planning authority.

They will then look into the information you send at that informal stage and suggest whether an application is necessary or not. From there you may be advised to submit an application. You can either do this online or via a paper form.

Once you have submitted this and the correct fees have been paid (generally £206, although this can vary depending on the type and scale of the work. This fee calculator can help with rough estimates relating to planning fees), with all supporting documents provided, the local planning authority will validate the application. The next step once they determine the application is valid is publicly acknowledging it and undertaking a public consultation.

The planning officer for the LPA will check and either approve, approve with certain time and other conditions or refuse. When you apply you will always have a right to appeal this. The decision must take no more than eight weeks outside of certain larger planning applications which may take up to 13 weeks.

If in doubt, it is always worth seeking advice, as starting construction without planning permission can lead to serious legal repercussions.