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Make The Most Of Autumn With A Patio Heater

  • 2 min read

Now that the darker nights are drawing in, and the temperature can suddenly plummet once the sun goes down, the opportunities to sit and make the most of our outdoor spaces might start to seem limited. But you can still make the best of your patio with the simple addition of an outdoor heater.

It’s simple enough to create some atmosphere in your back garden with the addition of some outdoor lighting, and if you’re looking for how to keep warm, then we have a quick guide for you.

There are a few different types of patio heater, ranging from simple electric models to gas-powered heaters that can warm up a larger area.

There are also popular solid fuels burning chimineas and fire pits that can look fantastic, although might prove a little smokey.

Here are the most common and popular types.


Freestanding heaters

These are often seen in beer gardens and outdoor seating. They’re rather tall and heavy and have a compartment in the base for gas canisters. Electric versions are available but would need an outdoor weatherproof power source.


Tabletop heater

Similar to the freestanding units, but smaller and much more portable and convenient. But a smaller size means they would not be as powerful as their larger counterparts.


Mounted heater

Typically, these would be fixed to a wall, providing you with a long term solution. But this does mean they cannot be moved or directed to a different area. Some versions attach to a parasol pole, providing heat around a table.


Freestanding fire pits and chimineas

These are popular for larger gardens and patios and can generate a lot of heat. There is a wide range of traditional, classic and contemporary styles, but the naked flames and very hot casings may be a hazard and dangerous for families with small children.

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