Making The Best Of Your Outdoor Space

  • 2 min read

The coronavirus crisis has certainly made many of appreciating our outdoor spaces more than ever before, and despite the British summer being typically British, we do still love to get outside and make the best of the warm weather.

Whether you want to simply chill in your garden or backyard, or create a socially distanced space to entertain guests, there are options available no matter the size of your outdoor space, from creating an outdoor bar or kitchen, or simply a comfortable retreat to sit and enjoy a gin and tonic in the balmy evenings.

Forget the uncomfortable folding chairs, why not invest in a pair of gorgeous outdoor rattan sofas to provide cosy, comfortable seating to sit and relax. They’re weatherproof and come with removable weather-proof cushions. Add a low coffee table to put your feet up, or simply to rest your drink.

An alternative is to upcycle some pallets into seating, and simply add cushions, throws and rugs to create luxurious seating.

As autumn slowly but steadily approaches, the nights may still be warm, but there can be an evening chill and the temperature can drop once the sun goes down. A fire pit or a chiminea can provide a focal point and keep everyone warm at the same time.

With the British summer weather being what it is, it is probably wise to invest in some shelter. If you don’t have a conservatory in which to take cover from the sudden summer shower, then an awning or gazebo is ideal for alfresco drinking and dining.

Similarly, no one wants a damp bottom from a rain-sodden garden, so consider a paved area that wonderfully blurs the border between inside and out, and prevents your new outdoor furniture slowly sinking into the lawn.

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