Enjoy Social Distance Gatherings With New Patio

  • 2 min read

After weeks of being stuck in lockdown limbo, people have been finally allowed to see their friends and family again – but only if they keep all gatherings to the outdoors. While this is good news for those who have beautiful gardens or lots of parks nearby where they can easily sit or go for a walk with their loved ones two metres apart, it is more difficult for households with limited outdoor areas.

For this reason, now could be the ideal time to consider new paving in Milton Keynes, so they have somewhere to put chairs and a table out so they can sit far enough away from their visitor to remain safe while still enjoying their company.

Installing paving or patio would mean homeowners can transform an unused lawn into space they would actually enjoy, whether for social distance gatherings, barbecues over the long, hot summer months, or to create somewhere to park their car.

You don’t have to take up all your green space with paving, however, as small patios are just as effective as larger ones.

To figure out how much space you should pave, Love The Garden suggested thinking about “whether you will be using it to host barbecues for your family and friends, or whether you will be relaxing in the sunshine on your own with perhaps some reading material and just sunbathing”.

It also recommended considering how many people are likely to be using the patio regularly and what furniture you would like to buy for it.

Once your paving is down, you will be able to invite up to five friends or family to visit, and hopefully, over the next few weeks and months, these restrictions will lessen even more, allowing you to extend the invitation to more loved ones.