How To Make A Small Garden Feel Larger

  • 2 min read

Many of us will have been appreciating any outdoor space we have at our homes in recent months and, if you only have a small garden, it can be difficult to know how to make the most of it.

An article for Real Homes recently shared some top tips from gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh about some techniques you can use to make a small garden feel a bit more spacious.

His first recommendation is to adopt the mantra of ‘less is more’. Rather than filling your space with lots of small pots and plants, he suggested investing in two or three large pots because they will “have much more impact and look far more stylish than a dozen ill-assorted smaller ones”.

Mr Titchmarsh also explained how you can use hard landscaping features and paving to help anchor your garden design.

“Choose paving and other hard landscaping that match or complement each other. This way, whatever else is going on in the garden, these will act as an anchor and provide a unifying theme,” he asserted.

You might want to get help with your paving in Milton Keynes to ensure you have a professional finish on your outdoor space.

An article for the Guardian recently highlighted the importance of our front gardens as well as our back gardens, noting that there are many opportunities to not only brighten up your own home, but also to make people smile, by including some plants and other natural features outside the front of your property.