How Much DIY Have You Done In Lockdown?

  • 2 min read

If you’ve found more time to carry out DIY tasks during lockdown then you’re certainly not alone. Property Reporter recently shared the findings of a survey by Aviva, which revealed that some 85 per cent of Brits carried out some kind of home improvements during lockdown.

While decluttering was the most popular activity to get stuck into around the house, other tasks that people have been tackling are gardening (52 per cent) and home decorating (26 per cent).

In fact, a survey commissioned by Ronseal and shared by the Daily Mirror revealed that many Brits reported that DIY leaves them feeling satisfied, while others said it helped lower their stress levels or completing a task left them feeling calmer than when they started.

Among the top tasks people have been tackling while they’ve been stuck at home are painting their walls, fences and garden furniture.

If the warm weather means you’ve been spending more time in your garden, you might have noticed a few jobs that need tackling out there too, such as replacing your decking or revamping your patio.

Property Reporter also noted that the Aviva survey found that some 21 per cent of people had completed overdue home maintenance tasks during lockdown.

This comes after seven in ten homeowners admitted to ignoring problems with their properties in a previous survey carried out by the insurance firm.

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