The Different Types Of Paving Slabs Available

  • 2 min read

Before you call out Milton Keynes paving company HBB Building Services to come and revamp your outdoor spaces, you first need to know what kind of paving stones and slabs you want to have laid out.

This might sound like a simple decision but there is a lot of choice out there and you’re sure to have more than one favourite, so you could find it tougher to pick one and stick with it than you think.

The good news is that pavers are very versatile and can be used to create garden patios, garden paths or even parking spaces in your driveway – so if you do have more than one favourite when it comes to the stone itself, you could use these in different parts of the garden to great effect.

Paving slabs are bigger stones that are usually used in patios and garden paths, although they can also be used to help provide more stable foundations for the likes of greenhouses, dog kennels and sheds.

Paving blocks, meanwhile, are smaller and thicker than paving slabs and often used for driveways, although they also work as decorative edges around bigger paved areas.

And then there are carpet stones, which are stone cobbles laid down on a flexible mat. If you want a traditional rustic look at home, this would be a great choice and it’s a quick win as well, since the stones are pre-laid on the mat and you won’t have to have each one laid down individually.

In terms of actual materials, you can go for porcelain (which is quite low maintenance and both strong and durable), or then there’s natural stone, natural granite (which is very resilient, so perfect for high traffic areas), limestone, slate, sandstone and even concrete… there’s a lot to choose from!

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