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HBB Bricklaying, Paving and Building Services – We offer general building services in and around Milton Keynes. This includes garden walls, groundwork, landscaping, driveways and much more. Call Phil on 07583 655165 for a free quote for your next building project. No job too big or small. Friendly affordable and reliable building service.

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We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation as one of Milton Keynes’ best building companies

With over 200+ projects completed over a 20-year timeline, my team and I would welcome any enquiry for residential building and construction work. Whether you need to create additional space for a home office, add an extra bedroom or 2 by extending upwards into the loft, extend sideways or to the rear for a brand new kitchen or maybe you are looking to maximise the floor and headspace in the basement for a brand new home studio! Whatever the case may be, give us a call to have friendly chat about your project, or click here to start your building quote online.

Phil Evans

P Evans


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Hired Phil from HBB to construct a very long boundary wall at my property in Milton Keynes. He was courteous, always turned up on time, got the job done without... read more

Sam Georgeson Avatar Sam Georgeson

Great job. Phill is extremely courteous and happy to help in any way.

Terry Bennett Avatar Terry Bennett

Had Phil and his son come to build a retaining wall in my front garden. They have done an excellent job so professional two great people very polite on time... read more

Sheila Graham Avatar Sheila Graham


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Frequently Asked Questions

Planning permission is required for any extension in Milton Keynes, regardless of the material or size of the extension. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that a small extension to their home won’t require planning permission, but in fact you will need permission to make any changes to your house or its grounds that are visible from a public place. 

This alone means that if you want to install a new conservatory, replace your windows, add an extra storey to your home, or alter the appearance of your house in any way, then you will need to apply for planning permission first.

Although planning permission isn’t usually required for single-storey extensions less than three meters high, it can be difficult to get approval if the building is very close to the boundary with a neighbour. A good rule of thumb is to get at least three meters clearance between the height of your extension and the boundary with your neighbour’s property.

What about extensions made from materials such as breeze blocks, bricks, or tiles? Again, these extensions may need planning permission depending on their height and how visible they are from a public place. The same applies for sheds and outbuildings; if they have a floor area larger than four square meters then they fall under permitted development rights.

Yes—as long as it is not more than half of your house, it is possible to convert your garage. The law has changed in recent years, and now many homeowners can convert their garages under permitted development provisions. These changes were made so that homeowners could convert their properties without having to go through the planning permission process. 

Although the changes have been made for convenience, it is important to note that if you do undertake a conversion, you will still need to comply with building regulations and ensure that the property does not fall below any minimum space requirements. This may mean that some conversions will be subject to certain restrictions.

You need to hire a structural engineer for residential construction work when the structure of your home is complex. The level of complexity may range from a small addition to an existing home or apartment, to something as large as a new single-family dwelling. Some structures are complex because they’re tall, but other structures are complex for other reasons. Sometimes structures are complex because there’s no structural precedent for them; sometimes they’re just not straightforward wood and nails. 

The reason you need a structural engineer is that, if the structure is complex enough, it needs to meet a building code. If it doesn’t meet the building code, then you have no guarantee that it will support its own weight, or the weight of visitors or residents. This is why hiring an engineer is essential: you want someone who knows what they’re doing and can make sure things are done correctly.

The short answer is yes. You do need to get plans and drawings made up for residential construction work. 

The long answer is “it depends.” You may not need to get plans and drawings made up, depending on the nature of the project and how much it will cost you. For example, if you are doing a small remodel in your kitchen or bathroom, chances are that you don’t need to get plans and drawings made up. However, if you are working on an addition that will be attached to your home or if you are doing major renovations like new floors, new walls, or even installing pools in your yard, then you most likely need to purchase plans and drawings from an architect or engineer.

The decision to hire an architect in the UK for an extension depends heavily on the nature of the project and its size. Whether you need an architect or not, it is important to know that homeowners are not required to have their plans approved by the local government. 

The decisions about which architects will be hired for a given project can be made by either the homeowner or by the architect. In order to make this decision, it is important to know exactly what you want from your project and what will make you happy with your final result. This can help you understand how much work will be involved in designing and building your home.

To answer your question, it may be helpful to know that in some cases, homeowners may choose to hire an architect even if they do not need one. This could include a situation where a homeowner would like help planning out how he or she would like their home to look, but does not necessarily need help applying for permits or enforcing any building codes.

HBB are a local Milton Keynes builders who provide residential building and construction work throughout Milton Keynes and all surrounding areas.

  • Milton Keynes Builders
  • Newport Pagnell Builders
  • Buckingham Builders
  • Olney Builders
  • Woburn Sands Builders
  • Cranfield Builders
  • Winslow Builders

See the map below for more details.

HBB are best known as Milton Keynes extension builders, however, we also provide a variety of residential building works, including;

  • Home Extensions Milton Keynes
  • Garage Conversions Milton Keynes
  • Kitchen Extensions Milton Keynes
  • Driveways Milton Keynes
  • Block Paving Milton Keynes

Over the years, HBB has developed a reputation as one of the best building contractors in Buckinghamshire. We have a strong commitment to quality, ensuring that every home they build is built with the same care and attention to detail as every other home we build.